WOH Theatre

What is Word of Hands Theatre?

Word of Hands Theatre delivers various professional tools in theatre aspects within our faith as Christians. The theatre group is a BSL Theatre for Deaf, hard of hearing and hearing people who have passionate and love for theatre including lighting, sounds, stage managing, designing, music, dance, visual arts and acting.  Each production is aim for all age’s audience with several of performance methods in different approach.

Word of Hands Theatre have plans by God and we are allowing God to guide each potential by devising, encouraging and work closely within the unity of this BSL theatre. This will empower the participators to leave with new skills and create professional networking across UK within the theatre ethos. Our future aim is for the production enable to tour across UK to access the Deaf community, Deaf clubs, Deaf schools, mainstream schools, churches, theatres, conferences, festivals and diverse spaces.

Word of Hands Theatre is currently for age over 18 but in God’s move and growth, we pray for the youth theatre to be established too.

We had Word of Hands Theatre Launch Vision Day on 21st January 2017 and we did different drama techniques, improvisation, characterisation and most of all – having fun! This had reflected on what they desired from Word of Hands Theatre and their show of willingness to commit with the theatre group.

Word of Hands Theatre is partnership with support by Word of Hands and Riverside Performing Arts and we will be having a Word of Hands Theatre Summer School this August-September 2018.

Please see Riverside Performing Arts website, it is undergo with Riverside Church: http://www.riverside-performingarts.org.uk/

Contact for more information: 
Mary-Jayne Russell de Clifford
Email: maryrdec@hotmail.com
Facebook: Word of Hands



Video Show: Word of Hands Theatre Summer School 2018 (COMPLETED)

Video Show: Word of Hands Theatre Summer School 2017 (COMPLETED)

Videos and Photos of Word of Hands Theatre Launch Day, January 2017