What is Access

Word of Hands is neither a Deaf Church nor a Hearing Church, but a body of people who want to model Christ Jesus and show his love, acceptance and fellowship.   We call ourselves a “Christian BSL Fellowhip”. We want to be a church with open access for any person who has a desire to know more about Christ Jesus and experience unity through the Holy Spirit.

Our Purpose is to be a church that is open to Deaf or hearing people,  BSL users or those who just want to attend church and are happy to be part of a church that is led in BSL.  We do this by leading the service, worship and teaching in British Sign Language, but we do not want any person to be excluded and so always make sure that there is English Voice-Over at every service.

As a Christian BSL Fellowship, we see ourselves primarily as CHRISTIAN, Children of God, Deaf or Hearing, who use BSL to FELLOWHIP together, without any barriers.  Where the Deaf Community can leave the barriers of every day life at the door and walk into a church that is open to them, where we can learn together about our God, who Loves us and has a plan for us.

We are trusting in the Lord that Word of Hands will become a model of the Body of Christ and a ‘lighthouse’ the UK.  We pray that as the Deaf Community sees this church, their eyes will be opened to the Christian Community and more Deaf people will find Jesus and find salvation in Him.  We also want to be a model to the hearing Christian Community, so that more churches will open their doors to the Deaf Community and more people can experience Church without Barriers.

Word of Hands is a ministry of Riverside Church, a member of the Evangelical Alliance.
Charity No. 1099487 and Company No. 4479264