Home Groups

Our BSL Home Group is a time of weekly blessing for Deaf and Hearing BSL Users.  Its an opportunity to join together for worship, to discuss Bible themes and share fellowship and encourage one another.  We meet every week at Jay and Elizabeth’s house and there’s always plenty of fun, cups of tea and even a few cakes!

Church services are focused on teaching from the front, and our BSL Home Group gives us the time to come together, explore the teaching further and learn from each other.  We are able to discuss the teachings given at church, seek clarification from each other and deepen our understanding of God’s work, develop our walk with Christ and deepen our faith.

Weekly theme are based on Word of Hands’ sermons and we follow the ‘theme of the month’; recent themes have been ‘The Armour of God’ and ‘Fruits of the Spirit’.

As well as biblical discussions home group organises social evenings throughout the year; New Years , our Home Group’s Anniversary, Pancake Night, Easter Theme, Summer BBQ Festival, Bonfire Night, Christmas Theme and many more!

The BSL Home Group meets weekly on Wednesday Evening, from 7.30pm to start at 8.00pm and finishing at approximately 10.00pm.

If you would like to come and visit our BSL Home Group, please go to “Contact Us” and feel free to add your mobile number onto our text weekly reminder!

Find us at BSL Home Group Facebook Group