Word of Hands / Lighthouse Kids Volunteers

Word of Hands will create a rota to cover six months; this rota will help us with the running of a smooth service, as well as giving us an opportunity to each use our gifts as we work in unity together, serving our Father, building His kingdom in our community.

We are, ideally, planning to increase the numbers of volunteers that serve in Word of Hands; as volunteer numbers increase, we will develop a further rota allowing us to expand to two Word of Hand services each month. Once we have a good number of volunteers on the rota, we will be able to create a healthy balance between giving through ministering and receiving by attending.

When the second service is established, to achieve this balance, the aim would be for the first half of the rota to serve at the1st Sunday of the month, leaving the other half to attend and receive.  These roles will then be swapped at the second service, on the 3rd Sunday of the month.

We have several of roles available for you to take part in:

  1. Preaching: Shared between Jay Thomas-Morton, Rebekah Leonard, guest speakers and we are looking to add a couple of names onto this role eventually.
  2. BSL Interpreter: Theresa Thomas-Morton and Liz McCartney, we would like to add one or two more in order to develop the service on  the 3rd Sunday of the month.
  3. Lighthouse Kids: Working with children aged between 2.5 and 11 years old (split in two age groups). To teach the children about The Bible in a creative ways using crafting, stories, teaching, singing and activity. We require 12 names to be part of the team to cover both age groups at every service. Roles will be a mixture of ‘teachers’ and ‘helpers’.
  4. Leading the Service: For example; welcoming, announcement, prayer and summary (depending on how the Holy Spirit guides us). We welcome anyone who is confident with BSL skill and public speakers, who are well organised and able to keep the service running smoothly, working with the PA. We require 3 to 4 names for this role.
  5. Worship: To sign the songs from DVD, YouTube, etc and be able to lead the audience singing together. In this role, volunteers would need to prepare the songs in their own time and communicate the choice of songs with the PA. 5-6 songs will need to be chosen for the service. Volunteers should be confident in using BSL in the language and context of the songs, translating them into clear BSL and performing them on the stage. We require approximately 6-8 names for this role. Word of Hands are looking to set-up worship training to develop volunteers in the gift of worship.
  6. PA/Media: To set up the equipment; projector, TV monitor, leads, microphone, sound check, PowerPoint, Songs in order, camcorder, safety, etc. We require a mixture of hearing and Deaf people for this role as we will need “hearing” ears for the sound checks and “eyes” for the visual checks, for example the camcorder filming, PowerPoint slideshow, etc. We require 4 names for this role.
  7. Stewards: This is a mixture of roles; welcoming people and giving out newsletters as they arrive, receiving and counting the offering, counting the congregation (adults and children), and meeting new people after the service. We value stewards very much, this role is a delegated part of the responsibility of leaders, preachers and worship leaders and is vital to the welcoming of people to the church. We require 6 names for this role.
  8. Kitchen: Set-up kitchen for after the service only – providing hot & cold drinks with biscuits, washing and tidying the kitchen afterwards.  Providing cold drinks for the preacher (If possible). The kitchen should be opened between 12.15pm and 1pm only. Require 6 names for this role.
  9. Prep-Team: To set up the Word of Hands hall, Sunday School, chairs, stage, etc. Volunteers should arrive at Riverside House at 9.30am and finished by 10.15am, then be available to clear the hall after the service from 12.45pm-1.15pm. This role may also merge with other roles such as PA/Media, Stewards, Kitchen, Worship & Leading.

Please feel free to contact, visit our “contact page” or come and visit Word of Hands service and meet member of our team.